The very inception of “Enviro Water Integrate Pvt Ltd” took place to take initiative in the the field of Conservation of Water in Industries, which requires huge quantity of water for it’s operation, thereby moving towards Sustainable Development Goal of the Nation. Established on 1st May 2020, company has come out with a Patented Technology recently.
The technology has technical advantages, besides having Economic Significance to a great extent.
Innovative GREEN Technology titled “Integrated System & Method for Water Conservation” is the need of hour. Enviro Water Integrate Pvt Ltd has come up with a patented process technology to address Sustainable Development Goal of the nation. It has technical as well as economic advantages for industries, which requires huge quantity of water for its operations.
Technical Advancement:
“Integrated System & Method for Water Conservation” provides a technical solution to the problem of water conservation. It provides an efficient integration of water system for conservation of water, which would result in reduced water consumption for the water utilization source to the extent approximately 40% of the projected requirement of water by recycling and reusing the water. Also, it will result in Zero Discharge of Water from the factory premises. Moreover, the integrated water system adds profitability in one or more industry productions, thereby reducing the product manufacturing cost. Also, this scheme does not require a wastewater treatment plant, which in turn, reduces the installation and operating cost. Moreover, the load of the wastewater treatment becomes low as a major part of the wastewater would be utilized for other purposes. Furthermore, the present system protects nearby rivers, from getting polluted by the discharge of a huge quantity of waste from one or more industries to the river. The present invention can be implemented for any size of industrial plant and mitigate the problems relating to:
• Huge water requirements for operation of the industrial plant;
• Water scarcity;
• Securing allocation of water from the governmental agencies;
• Resulting water-cess on the allocated quantity of water;
Economic Significance: This invention apart from achieving greater conservation of water by ensuring zero discharge also contributes to saving of costs relating to water consumption. For example, by effective utilization of water the cost relating to water cess, electricity consumed on account of water pumping, and also savings on account of integration of clarifier, blow down and wastewater.
Furthermore, this invention belongs to “Green Technology”, provides an “Eco-Friendly System Design” and also achieves:
• Conservation of water, power as well as water treatment chemicals;
• Operational cost of the industrial plant/factory is reduced substantially due to reduction in overall requirement of water, power and water treatment chemicals;
• Reduced man-power requirements as a result of providing an integrated water system;
In the present scenario, one of the major problems in adopting Green Technology in industrial plants/factories is the associated costs and high investments in implementing such green technologies. As a result, industrialists find it difficult to accept and implement green technology in industrial plants/factories. This invention overcomes these problems and exhibits potential to be a mindset-changer in the market across the world.
The significance of this invention is that it can be implemented in the existing industries at a marginal investment and the return of investment would not be more than 6 months. It is even more beneficial and easy to implement in the upcoming industrial plants as the implementation cost would

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